Vacuum Brazing Water

PURPOSE: Water circulation to “cool down” engines or motors that run at high speeds and for long periods of time.

CNC Machined

Machining of customer's products on CNC machines using different aluminium metal products according to customer's drawing requirements.

Extruding Aluminium

The shape of the extrusion is different for different customers in different industries and fields, and the form will be produced according to the customer’s drawings.


Before you get the offer, we hope to get the following detailed information
1. The cooling object of the product
2. There are two installation methods
3. How many watts and the order quantity of a single original device
4. Single or double-sided installation
5. What is the medium used
6. The temperature requirements and working pressure of the outlet and inlet
7. The length, width and height of the cooling device

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AL Brazed Water Cooling Plate&CNC machining&Shaped Aluminum

XIEBANG(SHANGHAI)ALUMINUM CO.,LTD(SHANGHAI MARIGOLD)on various types of aluminum alloy products (vacuum brazed water-cooled plate/water-cooled heat sink, air-cooled radiator, aluminum alloy precision parts processing, aluminum CNC machining, all kinds of aluminum profiles, aluminum bending, aluminum bending) aluminum surface treatment/aluminum oxidation, all kinds of assembly line aluminum products, shelves, and accessories export sales trade, re-export trade, third-party trade, and international logistics as a supplement Professional enterprise.

Experienced of Operation and Accumulation

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